I don’t know about you, but I never use a phone book. You know…a telephone book…that thick  paperback book comprising mainly of yellow pages that gets delivered to your door every year whether you want it or not…a big chunk of wasted paper that lists all the phone numbers in your area. Yeah…that phone book. I can’t remember the last time I actually opened one to look up a number to anywhere.

In the pre-Internet years, I was all about looking up the phone number or address in the phone book, while most anyone else I knew was all about the dial 411 (or some other equivalent for computerized “Information” in the area). I tend to be tactile/visual, so reference books of any kind are welcome, comfortable and even entertaining (yeah, I’m a nerd). However, in this day and age when we all have a computer in our lap and a cell phone in our pocket or purse, the phone book seems about as relevant a corded land-line with a rotary dial. If ever I need to perform the increasingly archaic task of actually calling a business on the phone but don’t have the number, I Google the business name…I look it up on dexknows.com…or, more usually, I open my YellowPages app on my iPhone.  That fat paper phone book usually gets tossed into the recycling bin the same day we get it delivered…and, if your city is anything like my city, there are usually more than one of those obnoxious bricks of paper dropped on your doorstep every year…sometimes more than once a year!

I suppose if you don’t have a computer and are still using an old-style, bare-bones cell phone or…dare I say it?…a land-line, that big tedious book might get more use, but to me it just seems as outdated as the Sears Catalogue. Remember that old dinosaur?

Luckily, there are apparently some options starting to crop up. Sites like YellowPagesOptOut are popping up where you can opt out of having this huge waste of paper dumped at your door.

Thank. The. Gods.

Or…You can find something way more entertaining to do with all that otherwise wasted paper on your…and all your neighbors’…doorstep. Something cool…like, um…I dunno…maybe haute couture?  

© 2011 D. Kessler