This is a test of the Emergency Blogging System (aka WordPress for iPhone)…this is only a test. We’re about to see if this app is worth it’s beans (which was actually nothing…the app was free).

I am sitting in a closet-sized room at the hubby’s practice co-op…a 15′ x 8′ box with egg-crate foam on the walls and more musical equipment than I think they actually use on a regular basis (I could be wrong on that one, but I’m stickin’ to my guns). Three guys currently in attendance (the fourth is unable to make it in becuz of the snow), six stringed instruments (of the guitar family, of course) traded out every now & then (depending on the song), a full drum kit sits forlorn in the corner wishing it’s daddy had come out to play (yes, pun intended), and I’m keeping the drum stool company cuz there’s nowhere else for me to sit. Pass the Courvoisier, even tho’ it’s not my ideal fare, cuz Bay-bee…It’s COLD outside!!
I would be cozy and holed up on the couch with my ‘puter, but there’s some drama of the domestic kind happening with our neighbors and I really can’t deal with them right now. So, I guess you could say I’m hiding. I know…bad, huh?

Whaddaya gonna do…

Earlier, I got this little-kid bug up my butt to go walking in the snow. So I dragged my spouse out into the frigid exterior world to the Seattle Center to stomp around and look at the lights in the trees around the currently hybrrnating International Fountain. We came across some interesting sights like this life-size  ice sculpture (the sign says it was done over the weekend…gives you an idea how frakin’ freezing it’s been cuz it’s still whole:


Also, this light display made me feel like I should have a cocktail and be shouting at my friends in close range in order to be heard over the 180 bpm…but all was silent as the snow usually seems to make things…

In any case, I’m just thankful…and amused…that I can “hide out” here with the guys and they don’t seem to mind. In fact, they actually seem to enjoy the opportunity to show off new songs and pretend to be rock stars. No, really…they don’t sound half bad…

[editor’s note:  After posting the above from my iPhone app, I went back and reviewed the actual post from the web via my ‘puter and, as I expected, there where things that needed immediate attention.  Things such as formatting and spelling corrections and additions of tags and such…which I promptly have modified to as I originally intended them to be. Although the app for WordPress is nice in a pinch, a few things I have issue with are these:

  1. Photos, as far as I can tell, are only able to be added to the end of a post, and even then they may not be shown on the website in the order intended, nor can they be sized to fit.  Maybe this is because I am new to the app, but I searched and searched for a way to fix this via my iPhone, but could come up with no solution.
  2. There is no spell check, so you better know exactly what you are typing (hard to do on the touch screen sometimes) and exactly how Ms Whatever-Her-Name-Is that taught you spelling in name-your-grade-here instructed you.
  3. I entered the tags and categories in the appropriate places on the app, but when I checked in on Dy’s Mind’s Eye, they were nowhere.  Again…is this cuz I’m new to using the app??

But like I said…it’s good in a pinch.  For when you absolutely have to blog something but are on the go and can’t sit down with your face turned to the Incredible Glowing Screen.]

Oh-tay…Lights out..”

© 2008 D. Kessler

Bitter, bitter cold.  Nasty obnoxious wind. A vehement choppy-churny grey-green Bay.  And at one point I could not even see the West Seattle Bridge or the large port cranes at the mouth of the Duwamish River, both normally very prominent to spy, as they were now being enveloped in a angry-looking mass of of charcoal-hued monstrosity that looked like it came out of my vacuum cleaner when last we realize we weren’t getting any suction and couldn’t recall the last time we had emptied the canister…what a mess!

It really brought to mind a vision of some vexed spirit that, having entered the water molecules at a cellular level, was now having a violently anxious and ominous attack of animosity as it realized it could not free itself from the physical form of this…thing.  It was a bit alarming to view…complete with the accompanying sharp, razor-like particles that was frozen rain pelting our office windows facing Elliott Bay

With the wind as it was, however, the mass of angry cotton-candy-from-hell with a full stove’s worth of wood ash tossed in the mix blew off a bit to the south enough for me to leave the building to have lunch with my daughter one block away.  It’s a grand thing when one’s offspring is advanced to the stage I call “all grown up” (mostly) and insists on taking her mom to lunch…sushi, even.  It was a very Shonri & Danica_12.17.08welcome treat to visit with her and her best friend, the three of us toasty warm at the cozy Japanese Gourmet in the Pike Place Market. While there, I snapped a little picture with my crappy camera-phone/iPhone, as Miss Shonri is leaving us tomorrow…home for the holidays, we’ll say…and one must capture such moments, I don’t know why.  It’s just one of those things that our parents and grandparents have instilled in us and seems to stick through the generations.

I bet you can’t guess which one of the girls is mine.  I’ll give you a hint…we have the same hair… 😉  Totally unintentional…of course.

So that’s my post today:  I’m thankful for my beautiful daughter (she’s going to kill me for putting her on the spot like this…).  So thankful that she’s so much smarter than the average bear/A’murkin (take your pick) and that we get to spend time together often and have similar enough interests that we can share so much…ideas, musical tastes, artsy-crafty-things.  Just stuff.  And in exactly three months (tomorrow) she’ll actually be able to legally order that sake she ordered with her sushi this afternoon…(oops! Shouldn’t have mentioned that, should I have? Bad, mommy!)

And now it’s time for this over-age princess to hit the sack.My fingers are making it pretty clear that they want to stop now.  They had a hard day at the office…

© 2008 D. Kessler

[Warning:  Shameless use of links to various facts and silliness…and not much literary substance ahead…]

Okay so this is a first…

…I got up at 6:30 am…AND actually made myself some brekkies! WTF?~!  That  never happened before…EVER! 

Well, you say…maybe you’re eager to get to work on your first day?

Um…maaay-be.  Or maybe I went to bed too early (for me) at 10:30 pm.  What…no news?  No Craig Ferguson! Oh, I’m going to miss my Craig every night…

Um…Maybe I was just all cranked and anxious and woke up at 4:45 am and couldn’t go back to sleep, even with the ambient noise and then Saturday’s podcast of This American Life…so finally I gave up at 6:30 and made coffee and eggs and toast.

Yeah…that’s it.005

After a short ride downtown, this (bad iphone photo to the right) is what the view looked like when I got to work at 8:30 am, looking SSE from the tiny park outside our offices.  You can see the sun about to peak out from behind the skyline to the left (most of which is just out of frame), the treacherous frozen hydrogen/oxygen on the ground along the railing verifying the frigid temperature and The Viaduct with the remnants of morning rush hour. Dead ahead center is Qwest Field, then Safeco Field, and waaaay off in the distance behind the stadiums, Mount Rainier is just barely visible.  This is an amazing thing, to see this time of year.  Even on clear days, such a vivid sighting of “The Mountain” is usually improbable due to haze…what we up here in the NW know to be moisture in the air threatening to become clouds, or something like that.

So, anyway…

Work.  I did it.  And I get to go do it again tomorrow.  And yes, I’m thankful I do.  However…I may not feel so tomorrow on the way home as we are to get some more snow, this time for real…

So, I’m off to lay my head down now and hope for easy oblivion.  Ta-ta, toodle-oo, and all that jazz.  I’ll try to post something for real tomorrow…I know this was not the most imaginative thing you ever read.  I’m just dog tired and can’t think of anything really worth the extra energy.  Hell, I’m having trouble constructing basic sentences!

So sorry…and thanks for playin’ anyway!

© 2008 D. Kessler

I think the cold does something weird to my brain.  That and too much sleep, maybe.  I dunno, but when one wakes up with “The Politics of Dancing” in one’s head…and so one of the first things I have a craving for is to watch/see is this video on YouTube so that I can get the other out of my head:

…one’s gotta wonder what the hell is wrong with one.  I mean…”The Politics of Dancing”???  …the HORROR!

Outside it’s a balmy 29°F right now in the now-brittle Emerald City…21°F if you consider the wind-chill factor.  Let’s all go frolic in the now-frozen and no-longer-fluffy snow!  Whoo-hoo!

NOT.  This is the part of snow I do not like.  No sirree-bob.  The part where you *swoosh-CRACK!* fall on your ass when all you want is a little tid-bit from the corner store only half a block away.   My spouse has just pointed out that at least we’re not in Wisconsin where it is probably colder, but I just shot him down with the fact that, according to The Weather Channel, Sheboygan, WI, is currently twice as warm as we are right now…with a lovely not-frozen temp of 42°F!!  I mean, really…that’s just not right!

Okay, I’m sorry this is not some philosophical or scientific expose regarding the effects of exposure on brain activity.  Nor is it even a witty tirade about anything at all related to the aforementioned abundance of sleep.  It’s just a rant…a lame-ass rant about how I don’t care how pretty the snow is anymore and I want it to go away and I want to be able to turn my heat down ’cause I can’t afford my electric bill as it is and I’m tired of being holed up on my couch ’cause I don’t want to bundle up to walk the few blocks to a coffee-house for a change of scenery and I’m tired of it being dark at 4:30 pm.  I really hate winter and none of the many holidays…Christian, Pagan, Jewish or otherwise…or various other forcibly induced distractions like Christmas Shopping or Winterfest can change it.  I…hate…winter.  Never mind that it’s not even actually winter yet…that it doesn’t actually start for one week (yes, folks…Yule/Solstice is next Sunday).  It feels  like winter now.  It smells like winter now.  It’s dark  like winter now.  For all intents and purposes, it IS  winter now!  And I’m sick of it, I’ve had it, I want my Springtime and I want it NOW!

“But, Dy”, you say.  “Where’s the silver lining?  Where’s the up-turn ‘I’m thankful for…’ part of your post?”

Don’t got one today, sorry.  I’m NOT thankful for the cold. I’m NOT thankful for the ice and snow outside.  I’m NOT thankful that I think I may have contracted a sinus infection from somewhere…either that or I’m due for a root canal on my #15 molar (upper left), and I REEALLLY hope that’s not the case!…and it’s really making it hard to concentrate and keep from screaming and making me worry about Tuesday as my first day at work and…*sigh*

I think you get the picture.  

© 2008 D. Kessler

Yesterday I belly-ached about the cold, the snow, the ice…and tonight it snows and we all go, “Oooohhh!  Look at the sno-o-ww!! It’s so pre-e-tty-y-y!!”  Big fluffy flakes of God’s Dandruff floating fancily to the ground, sticking to telephone poles, balcony railings, windshields, window screens….heck, well…everything.  And with temps going down, down, down tonight we’re likely to have a slippery side-road situation or two…especially as Seattle has so many hilly neighborhoods:  Capitol Hill, First Hill, Beacon Hill, Queen Anne Hill (mine)…actually, Downtown is pretty hilly, too!  Oh, but it’s so pre-e-tty-y-y!! 

Yeah, tell that to the guy who’s bumper you smash when you slide out of control into him *wham!*  Thank Zeus that’s one thing I don’t have to worry about!  If Joe Metro slides into someone, it’s not my fault!

Fickle frakin’ beings, humans are…me included.  I only like this beautiful spectacle, mind you, because I don’t have to be out in it to go anywhere.  I’ve got my cozy little apartment with plenty of heat and blankets and Christmas Music.  Yep.  I’m a sucka…a few congealed frozen droplets of moisture start falling from heaven, coating every tiny branch of the now leafless tree out in front and creating an urban Ansel Adams-esque photo op, and I’m all about turning up the tunes.  Pandora radio is WONDERFUL for this type of thing.  Who wants to buy CD after CD of Xmas music, only to play it intermittently for three or four weeks a year?   Or dig out the old beautiful vinyl only to find out that your turntable hidden in the back of the closet is hidden there for the same reason it’s been there for the past few years…that you need a belt for it and it turns no more (for now, I keep telling myself)?  Nope.  Pandora rocks, it rolls, it swings, it just is awesome. Just type in any song or artist you are in the mood for and it will play music like that “seed” song/artist until the Apocolypse…or your internet fails, whichever (aren’t they the same thing?).

So, I’m just sitting here on the couch, my Chia-Butt thriving, thankful that I’m toasty and warm, with hot tea, an interactive “hot water bottle”…aka my cat…and Dean, Frank, Bing, Perry, Eartha, The Andrews Sisters and all those old-fashioned pop crooners.  And I’m as happy as a clam in Pismo Beach during the off-season…

It just better melt and be completely gone before Tuesday…or I’m gonna be one unhappy employee on their way to their first day at work…

© 2008 D. Kessler

I often wonder why it is that people settle in such cold climates.  I mean really…if it gets cold enough to make it a mortal mistake to be without shelter, you would think that there is something basically wrong with humans living there year round.  Oh, sure, it’s a wonderful place to live for two thirds or three quarters of the year…but if from the calends of December through to March we’re talking about sub-freezing temperatures, or worse, then I just don’t see the pay-off.  There is a reason human beings were nomadic in places like the Plains/Steppes etc.  Snow? Ice?  Blizzard Winds?? Frak that!  We’re outta here!  See ya in the Spring! 

Oh, sure…I’m just a big pussy.  I have thin skin.  I don’t have enough meat on my bones (or used to).  I’m just not used to the cold.  Blah-blah-blah.  I’ve heard it all.  I’ve also lived in quite a few different climates, thanks to a Sagittarius mom that seems to think that moving every few years was a good thing…call it a “fresh start” or “running from your demons” or “giving your kids a different perspective” or whatever else thing you want.  The down-side is we kids got to make new friends every few years…making my brother slightly more introverted, but me more social.  The “up”-side is we got to experience all sorts of different weather climes. 

Already familiar with the So Cal Coastal-Mediterranean climate, we packed up the VW and a friend’s car and trailer…off to the Willamette Valley in Oregon, we were.   To experience drenching rains for five or six months a year and to learn what frost was first hand (I’d never seen it before!).  After a few years, it was down to Cali again, but this time a northern inland hell misleadingly called The Sacramento Valley.  “Valley” sounds nice, right, pretty valley?  Nope…brown and dry and hot, hot, hot all summer and not a beach in sight (that’s just not right!).  I thought it could get no worse, but oh, no…I was wrong.   Let’s load up the kids and the dog and…It’s a Road Trip!!  To the South…Alabama, to be exact…complete with 90% humidity (whether it’s 98°F in summer or 35°F in winter), cockroaches the size of small mice in even the nicest homes, incessant buzzing outside from some scary-looking bug called a cicada, and let’s not forget the tornadoes (and the Klan marches…for real!).  That didn’t last long, only a year and a half.  Even my mother new that was a mistake…and so we were soon on our way back out west…California here we come!  So happy!  Wait…for some reason my mother got it in her head as we passed through Northern Arizona that the pines were so pretty and wouldn’t it be nice to live here and it’s only a day’s drive to the coast so we could visit Gram in California all the time…*sigh*  Bye-bye California, hello a different kind of hell. 

Now, Flagstaff, Arizona, is at an elevation of 7000 feet above sea level.  That’s higher than Denver.  That’s just ridiculous.  What that means is Flagstaff gets SNOW.  Yep.  Snow…in Arizona.  It gets mutha-fraking FREEZING cold.  I remember it being 12°F!  That’s just way wrong…almost as wrong as being below zero at night!  And we still have to go to school, we still have to learn to drive, we still have to function. 

So you see…I have some experience with different kinds of weather and have been in and out of cold for a long time.  But how people live in places like Fargo or Sheboygan or Fairbanks or [insert your town/city here]…I just don’t get it.  I would die.

Back to the here-and-now, my self-chosen hometown of Seattle is set this week to get the coldest weather we’ve had since 1990.  Yep, and I remember that winter…it was hella cold, and we got snow by the foot in the downtown core even.  It screwed with Joe Metro bad.  This week, Monday looks to be the coldest with a daytime high of 25°F.  Yeah, go ahead and laugh…we’re wussies here…but it’s still frakin’ COLD.  And Tuesday, the first day at my new job, is not going to be much better at 29°F.

Whoa…wait a minute, you say.  Job?  Did you say new job?? 

That’s RIGHT, Suckas!  I am unemployed no more!  I get to get up everyday while it’s barely light, just like a normal person, stumble through making coffee and making sure my clothes are on right-side out, ride Joe Metro downtown while putting on my makeup and not come home until it’s dark again (that can be anytime after 4:00 pm this time of year around here).  Whoo-hoo!  After six months, I’m ready for this again.

So, that’s it today, Kids.  I am thankful for my new job.  Thankful that my spouse doesn’t have to pull out his slightly thinning mop worrying that he isn’t writing enough music to cover the bills.  Thankful that I will once again have my own money and not have to ask him for funds for everything from drugstore staples to a beer and a burger.

And it’s about time.

© 2008 D. Kessler

I am a mortal.  I live I die. I will hopefully pass the torch to those that may  further my criteria for integrity in life. But it may not happen.  In fact, I’m not banking on it.  Even though I have the most pristine amazing most perfect specimen of the human consciousness as my offspring, I cannot bank on the age old tradition of her furthering my agenda…and that’s more than okay.  I want my daughter to take my input and turn it into her own thing. Such is the nature of evolution.

What I really mean to say is that I think that my daughter, free independent thinker that she is, will probably take what I say and do and incorporate it into her ethic and eventually my “legacy” (if that is what is it) will root and grow through her.  But I will never ever expect her to favor my agenda over hers.  To do so would burn my bridge from behind.  Nullify all that I am.

I’m a bit emotional right now…

I bring this up because I just found out that a woman that I have held in such Bettie Page immensely high esteem for most of my adult life has passed from this plane.  She is gone.  She was a Taurus, like me.  She was a dark haired rogue, like me.  She was born in the year 1923…the number that has followed me my whole life.  Ms. Bettie Mae Page, at age 85, in her mortal self, passed into the infinite.  I hope she is not too late to meet my brother JD on her way to Bliss.  Because, even though I never met her or knew her personally, she has she been part of my family…to me.

I am actually surprised at myself for being so emotionally disturbed by her passing.  I think it may be a little bit of the fact that some people seem to be above and beyond…don’t they always live?  They always will be?  They always will exist…won’t they?  But then…by brother didn’t, so I guess neither do they, these “others” that we feel will always be…

Bettie Page age 80 I am hoping that maybe my brother is still hanging out there somewhere in the Outer Zone…and maybe will get to meet and help Ms. Page along her way.  He was always a big fan.

That said…is there anything here I can glean for my “thanks” assignment?  Yes…maybe…well, no…I dunno…maybe.  For sure…I am thankful for Ms. Bettie Mae Page.  She became, by no intention of her own, a beacon, an icon, a immortal blessing to all GRRLs that thrive on individuality and independence and Do-For-Yourselfness.  I cried tonight.  I will forever feel her absence…

I will always miss you, my sweet Bettie.  You have helped me become who I am…and I thank you.  All us Grrls thank you.

© 2008 D. Kessler

Here I am surfing around the net in my pre-posting tradition, catching up on my fave blogs and such and I come across…this.  I started to comment, as I felt compelled to do so, and suddenly realized I had way too many words for a comment.  I started to be one of those that comment so long that you wonder why did they just start their own post on the subject and just leave a short comment with their link to their longer one.  Those kind of comments kind of drive me mad.

EmilyStrange The gist of the post (as well as this one and this one)  is whether Emily the Strange was actually plagiarized from a children’s book character named Rosamond.  Now, I’m not condoning plagiarism by any means…but before we start laying blame and calling names and demanding retribution, one needs to think about and maybe research a few things.  Such as, there is something called public domain and whether or not the copyrights were still in effect at the time of Emily’s “creation”…and also, how long can one claim copyright infringement after such a possible hypothetical infringement has been discovered…etc.

Now, I may seem short-sighted here, but the line that most disturbs me in the post I just read, actually, is this: 

“Emily’s claim to fame is that she is one of the biggest sellers at Hot Topic.  She was specifically created for marketing.”

I completely disagree.  That’s putting the cart before the horse.  The fact is Hot Topic found her and has exploited her to the down-and-dirtiest sense.  I have a bit of perspective on this worth mentioning, and here it is.  

The timeline, as far as I can tell, looks like this:

The book in question, Nate the Great Goes Undercover: published in 1978

Hot Topic Stores: first open doors in 1988

Emily the Strange:  created by Nathan Carrico in 1991 for Santa Cruz Skateboards as a sticker. 

Then Carrico’s friend Rob (Reger) started Cosmic Debris (also in Santa Cruz) and acquired Emily, creating cheap silk-screened t-shirts with her image.  I have one of these original shirts…somewhere in my storage unit, but it’s there and it’s mine.  It says, “Emily didn’t aim high…she aimed low” and shows Emily with cats in tow, brandishing a sling-shot aimed at a bullying boy in the distance.  I’m pretty sure Rosamond doesn’t do that the book, I can assure you!

At the time I was working in an independent alternative clothing store downtown Seattle (we’ll call it “The Viv”), which also had two other locations in key districts in the urban core. The clientele were mostly skater-types, club kids and goth/batcavers…and because of our downtown location near the Pike Place Market, we also got a lot of tourists and sometimes a celebrity or two. Our buyer/asst manager worked directly with Rob and Cosmic Debris, having known Rob when she lived/worked/played in the Bay Area, and we first carried the stickers and then the t-shirts when they became available. 

The way a small business like ours would acquire the merchandise is basically like this:  Our buyer “N”  would hook up with Rob and/or his team at low-end expo-type conventions held two or three times a year.  Start-up manufacturers, such as Cosmic Debris was at the time, would have stalls with samples only to show.  After the order was solidified…after and during a few days of partying with said vendors…the vendor (Rob and team) would scurry back to Santa Cruz to screen and print ’til the wee hours of many morns to fill their orders, including ours. This business model means that they really only could market mostly to small independent retail businesses.

While all this was happening in the early-mid-90s, Hot Topic was not yet near the huge conglomerate it is now.  We didn’t yet have one in Seattle during this time…at least not in the urban core…and they did not yet carry anything Emily.  When Hot Topic finally did come to urban Seattle a few years later, “The Viv” started to loose sales and eventually closed it doors, one by one. Our hip 20-something staff moved on, moved up and some moved away:  N went to NYC to work for Ralph Lauren; J went work at Barney’s, got married and had children; and I became a Corporate Whore slaving for a Fortune 500 company in Seattle.   Eventually, I noticed that Hot Topic (where I would now go to get cool cheap hosiery, because The Viv was gone and Nordroms is too expensive and doesn’t have the kind of selection I like) started carrying Emily merchandise…and boy was there A LOT of it now! 

It is obvious to me that Rob struck a deal with Hot Topic to carry Emily stuff and it has been instrumental in skyrocketing his company’s success.  Good for him!  (Go Rob!) Does he or Hot Topic owe the creators of the Nate the Great children’s books?  I don’t know, but I think not.  Emily has become something entirely different than Rosamond…if she was indeed ever exactly like her to begin with.  A little sticker design, inspired by a character in a book, mutated and expanded into the phenomenon it is now.  And I, for one, am actually glad because Emily, who actually looks almost exactly like I did “back in the day” 15 years ago, has reached more children, young adults and yes, even the old fogies that are their parents, than Rosamond ever could have.  And for that I am thankful.

Yep, Thankful.  Thank you Nate and Rob for your fun, dark take on what so many of us were thinking and feeling growing up and even still in our young adulthood.  Thank you, Cindy, for hiring me to work in your store so I could find Emily before she became the mutated marketing windfall she has become.

And thank you, N, J, M, and D for all the fun-filled hours at work, picking up after the likes of Dennis Rodman and others that came to shop there…all the while dancing through the racks to some of the best music of the 90’s.

And by the way…since Emily looks just like I did back then, do I get to claim some sort of monetary recognition from Nate and Rob and Hot Topic?  I mean, come on, really…

© 2008 D. Kessler

A few weeks ago I posted about the passing of Prop 8 in California.  More accurately, I posted a video of Keith Olbermann going off on it along with an excerpt from Atticus Circle’s website.  Well, I called that post “That’s Not All I Have to Say About That…but It’s a Start…“…so hang on to your hat…’cause I’ve got some more to say now!

Tomorrow, December 10th, is Human Rights Day and coinciding with it is a movement happening called Day without Gay in order to raise awareness of discriminatory legislation.  An excerpt of the letter I got from Atticus Circle explains it best:

This month, Join the Impact is asking for the members of the LGBT community to call in “gay” to work on December 10th, Human Rights Day, and devote their day to a non-profit organization.

Atticus Circle understands that for many in the LGBT community, calling in “gay” would jeopardize their job; for others, it could cause financial problems. We also want to give an opportunity to the thousands of straight supporters who want to participate in this event, but are unsure of how to do so.

Therefore, all we are asking from our friends and supporters on December 10th is to write at least one straight friend, asking him/her to stand with you in this civil rights struggle. You don’t need to write your own letter; we have a program on our website ( which will send out an already drafted letter to your friend. All you need to do is fill in his/her email address. The process only takes 5 minutes, but it is really an effective way to raise awareness of discriminatory legislation, and promote Atticus Circle’s mission to advance equal rights for all Americans, regardless of sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression.


I live in western Washington State, as some regular readers may have already guessed.  Of a pool of the 50 largest cities in the U.S., The Emerald City (aka Seattle) is second only to San Francisco in its per capita gay population.  The Seattle Times ran an article only two years ago that estimated that 12.5% of our city’s population identifies as gay/lesbian or bisexual…seriously, check it out

Seattle is a very progressive city.  A very Eco-friendly/Green city, we place in the top 20 in the world, and the top 10 in the nation.  We have a bustling “gay district” and an activist-minded gay community.  (Closet?  What’s a closet?  We don’t need no steenkin’ closets!  Wait…yes, we do, but only for all our Fabulous Clothes!)  Seattle’s big Gay Pride Weekend is held every every year in June, culminating in the Pride Parade downtown and attended by hordes of people, straight and gay and otherwise.  Not to mention that the original Join the Impact organization is based here in Seattle…and at the demonstration march last month, we had an estimated 12,000 people march down Broadway from Volunteer Park to Westlake Center downtown!  I mean, we’ve given the world Dan Savage, for Zeus sake!

Now, Seattle/King County, in the western part of Washington, contributes the largest percentage of population to the state as a whole and this results in creating a pretty progressive state.  In the 20 years I’ve called Seattle my home, Washington State has as a whole has consistently gone Blue/Democrat across the board, even despite those what-ever-they-are-s on the other side of the Cascades (aka the mountains).  Being more agriculturally focused, Eastern Washingtonians sometimes make it hard to get some things all us Western Washingtonians want legislated state-wide, but the truth is the numbers are on this side of the mountains…and we usually all get along eventually.

My point is, even as progressive as we are, Washington State does not have legislation in place to equally protect all its citizens…no okay on gay marriage.  This breaks my heart.  This pisses me off to no end!  This makes me want to frakin’ scream and shout and quit my job to help make it happen!  (Wait…I don’t have a job right now…hmm…)  WTF is WRONG with this picture!?!

Okay, I think you get the picture.  I’ve said my piece…for now.  That said:

I am thankful I live in Seattle, the Emerald City.  I love its openness, its greenness (both eco and vegetation).  I love that I don’t need a car to get where I want.  I love that we have an exuberant gay scene, that we have a vocal activist scene, that we have a thriving kink scene.  I love that the summers ROCK and are the best  and most beautiful of any of the many places I have lived…ever. 

And that’s all I have to say about that…for now.


© 2008 D. Kessler

I am officially a Lame-o.  One that is lame.  A slacker that sucks.  Yep, that’s me.

Of course, I’m not so down on myself to be applying that to every part of my life.  No, no…I’m definitely a lame-o, but only as it applies to selected areas of expectations.

I suck at commitment to little things.  Oh, I’m great at commitment to big-ticket things like:  being committed to my relationship with my spouse, sticking to the same job until way past when my psyche needs me to pack it in and find something better, making sure we have all the necessary traditional items on the table at name-your-holiday-here.  I can definitely be counted on to be there if you’re having a crisis and you need me to sleep over to make sure you don’t slit your wrists or other vital artery-holding area of the body. And, yes, I seem to have helped more than my fair share of friends move.

But then there are the things I really, really want to do that I just give the shaft or screw up in some way.  Like seriously planning on signing up for pottery classes and even telling some friends so I’ll be more likely to follow through…but it never happens.  Or, wanting to learn French and thinking that that Rosetta Stone program looks like a good idea…but when I got my 401K cashed out and I had the money to spend on the full deal…nope, didn’t happen.  Oh, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve joined a gym and end up paying for months that I don’t ever step into the place.  This last time really sucked because the gym was only three blocks away from home, one block away from work (in the same direction as home) and I just stopped going after three  or four months…always planning on going back though, because I would see it there every day…except that then the building got sold and so the gym closed and now I’m S.O.L.  Then there was this week-end…two shows I wanted to see with friends I haven’t seen in a while, and I didn’t show up for either one!  Well, it’s true I can’t really afford to go out to see bands at the moment, what with me outta a job and dependant on my spouse for the frivolous funds…but still!  I told people I would try to make it..and I meant it!  And, of course, let’s not forget about how my NaNoWriMo word count was higher than I’ve ever achieved in one short month…no, ever.  But I didn’t even get half-way to the 50K goal…and it’s totally do-able if I would have just written everyday, just a little, not even 2000 words each day.

Really, I’m doing all this bashing myself over the head because I realized something very late last night…around 2:00 am, actually.  I totally screwed up and did not post yesterday…AT ALL.  There goes my “31 posts in 31 days”…there goes my “I did this!” pride swelling my ego even more…there goes my promise to you all reading this slog.  I just kept putting it off all day…because Sundays are so nice and lazy sometimes and the couch felt good and I had my hubby home and we just were LAA-ZEE.  Oh, I’ll write later…I don’t have any words right now…I’m so sleepy-comfy…I have all day…I have ’til mid-night even…I…

Oh, frak…it’s not Sunday anymore.  I screwed up.  Then I even entertained the idea of posting anyway, at 2 am, as it would be something and even though the calendar wouldn’t recognize it as a post for Sunday I would, and I would write again for Monday like usual.  But I didn’t have any words because my brain was dragging out all the things that I suck at and making me feel like you-know-what.  It kind of slaughtered any words that might have been hanging out waiting for the right time and the rest of the words to come cluster together with them to make some sort of coherent…something.  In fact, I still don’t really have anything to say about my assigned December topic of “thanks”.  I’m thankful for…what?  Being a lame-o?

Hmm…maybe I can turn this around and say…well…

I’m thankful for lazy Sunday afternoons.  The ones that have a bit of autumn chill, but not the energy-sapping wind that can often accompany them.  The ones that have the slight pitter-patter against the window and the broadleaf evergreen buses outside that make you drowsy and want a nice hot camomile tea with honey.  The ones that make you want to stay curled up inside on the couch with a book, or a couple of indy, foreign or b&w classic films…you, your loved-one and the furry feline all in a tangled web of grandma’s home knitted/crocheted throws…what we call a “Cat Pile” in our house.

That’s what I got.  That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.  You don’t’ like it, well, too bad.  (Any others I’m missing here?)

And I am sorry for any of you that stopped by on Sunday to find a re-run from the day before…really I am.  We’ll try not to let it happen again, at least not this month.

But then…I am a Lame-o, ya know, and it might…but I hope not…

© 2008 D. Kessler