I must tell you, I have an issue with the whole “New Year” thing. I’m not a bah-humbug type…Oh god, really, I’m not.  I love the Holidays, I love the special-ness and of course,  any reason for a party!  Almost every year, I make some sort of plans for New Year’s Eve, and I very genuinely mean to follow through.  However, often after doing so, I don’t feel like it when the night arrives.  Even when I do follow through with the exuberant festivities I’ve eagerly planned,  I feel…tainted.  A sour taste in my proverbial mouth.  I lack-luster anticlimactic *poof!*…the whole thing just seems all so forced to me and I feel cheap and used and like a user.

There’s nothing in the calendar of nature that excuses this obvious (to me) falsification of the holiday.  Why is it today, of all days?  I mean, yes I get the history.  We now use the Gregorian version of the calendar and in 153 BC the Powers that Be (aka the Roman Consuls, with the ratification of the Roman Senate) officially changed  “new year’s day” to January 1stTHE DAY (and/corresponding eve) to celebrate, apparently.  But there is no solstice, no change in weather/seasons…nothing for me with which to link it.  It really bothers me…almost on a cellular level.

Way back when, the Greeks and Romans originally celebrated the new year with the Winter Solstice (aka Yule, for any of the Euro-pagan learned/leaning types)…marking when the sun “returned” and the days began to lengthen.  THAT makes sense to me.  Many cultures, including the Phoenicians, Persians and Egyptians, marked their new year at the Autumn Equinox…when the Summer light dwindled and the the wane of warmth was most apparent.  THAT makes sense to me…and seems to loosely correspond with the Wiccan “new year” of Samhain (aka Hallowe’en to all you raised in the Christian western world).  Then, there are those earth-based religions that mark their new year with the Spring Equinox…when the Earth revives and the new Life is sprouting everywhere…either obvious and apparent above ground (I love those first crocuses!), or as yet imperceptibly in the earth or womb.  THAT really makes the most sense to me.  All these reasons make me feel like an awful cheating lover, wooing someone else behind my loved-one’s back, when/if I make a big hoopla on Dec 31st/Jan 1st! 

And then I get disgusted.

Disgusted with the mindless Hoople-heads that make any public holiday so annoying to be out and about.  See…maybe I want to bend a little and be with my friends and their perception and happiness of the “New Year”, regardless of my own thing.  I mean, I can go to mass for the beauty and magic of it, and not have to believe in the whole Son-of-God/Virgin-Birth concept…and still enjoy and appreciate it, can’t I?  Well, so I should be able to do so with this whole “New Year” thing!  But the asinine Weekend Warriors (as my sister calls them…they’ll always be Hoople-heads to me after Deadwood…)…my GAWD!  Do they really need this holiday to exhibit their Stupidity?  Their Blatant Audacity?  Their…Name-Your-Undesirable-Quality-Here!  I mean, it’s not even 8:00 pm yet and outside my window, on my “quiet” residential city street, I already am hearing “Whoo-hooooo!” and “YEE-AAHH!”…amid cackling laughter and various idiotic snippets of “conversation” from those that would be “revelers”.

Yes…now I sound like an Old Fogie.  I sound like a Bah-Humbug Bitch.  But some people’s children are just so offensive that I just don’t want to be around them and there are SO many more of them out on a night like this.

Used to be, I was younger and could just drink more, take more drugs, whatever, to ignore them.  It springs to mind now that maybe some thought of me in the same terms as I am now thinking of Them.  I’m not so self-delusional to dismiss such a possibility altogether…but I really rather doubt it.  For one, I didn’t usually need a forced-upon-me-holiday like “New Year’s” to indulge myself…in fact, I have felt this way about the “holiday” for many, many years.  I did, however, do as I mentioned above…go out with my friends (and overindulge!) to share in their enjoyment of the holiday, thereby creating more enjoyment in turn on my end.

The Gregorian New Year is not my holiday…I have my own holiday(s).  Yule…which we just finished…and coming up, Ostara (the Spring Equinox).  THAT’s my real New Year. And though I do wish all of you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year (by the Gregorian calendar)…rest assured that my real and more abundant blessing is still to come.

Stay safe.  Stay Happy.  And whatever you do…STAY AWAY FROM THE HOOPLE-HEADS!

Brightest Blessings from Seattle…to get you through to Spring…


©2008 D. Kessler

Ever the one to perpetuate the myth of my necessity to obtain external stimulus in order to produce anything, I am signed up with NaBloPoMo.  Sounds like some central California town with a near defunct mission, no?  Well, the idea is that you blog something every day, all month long.  Nothing as grand as NaNoWriMo…no waving of sugared carrots in your face just out of reach causing you to fabricate all manner of unfounded, fanciful and grandiose end results including feelings of self-accomplishment, recognition of peers and colleagues, possible eventual notice by Those That Publish and Market…and acquisition of Fame and Riches that Those That Publish and Market may lead you to believe they can bestow on you…or at least feed you a falsified fantasy to encourage you bang on your keyboard with your fingers ’til they bleed a bit, so that they may acquire at least the Riches part of their blathered bogusness.

No, no…NaBloPoMo is just blog everyday. They even give you a topic for the month.  Yep.  You barely have to think.  Ha! Right!  Yes, Write! December’s topic is “Thanks”.  Well, sounds quite too positive for me!  “Thanks”??  Yes, sure…next shall we blog about pink unicorns and fluffy bunnies (ones not intended for the pot with carrots and curry come Ostara)?  Bah…well, I signed on for this, and this I will do.  But do not for one moment think that all that is in Dy’s Mind’s Eye will revolve around such happy-hippy thoughts.  Thanks, my eye!  I have other things to say, fishes to fry and stories to finish, so all those scared off by Happy Shiny Things have no fear and please…stick around! You never know what will come spinning outta my head from one day to the next!

That said, today, December 1st, first day and first post of NaBloPoMo, I will tell you: 

I am thankful for NaBloPoMo.  That’s right. 

  • For their just being there to provide the external stimulus that many of us need (or think we need…is it the same thing?). 
  • For their insipid little monthly topic for December that makes me feel all squirmy inside like I’m at a prayer meeting having to hold hands in a circle with someone I just met and am not sure I like and I’m just not getting this whole “God” thing.
  • For their easy-to-use site that’s so much like a MySpace for Bloggers.
  • For insisting that I at least TRY to be positive about something without it breaking me.
  • For their attempt at a sense of community for bloggers that procrastinate, so that we can all try to kick each other in the pants to “stay on the wagon”.
  • And last but not least, I am thankful for NaBloPoMo as they give me yet another way to feed my cyber-crack habit and allow me to procrastinate any and all things that I really should be doing at any given moment.

So, anyone else signed on for the HappyLand Express to Hell (aka NaBloPoMo Dec 2008)?  Stand up and be counted!  Think of this as Friends of Bill W…but for bloggers. 

“Hi, My name is Dyanne and I’m an cyber-addict.”

(Everyone says, “Hi Dyanne!”) 

“Just want to say I ended the month of November with a post (or two or three posts in one day) and I’m logging on into December with my first post of the month.”

(Applause and general mumblings of encouragement from Everyone).


Now…if you’ll all excuse me, I’ve gotta a man to see about a motherboard…


© 2008 D. Kessler