This takes the cake.  Now she want’s a…no, really, let me get this straight…A JOB?!  In TELEVISION??!?!

I’m sorry, but I think Ms. Suleman needs serious mental help…and a proverbial slap in the face reality check.  Who the hell does she think she is that she can be the new Dr. Benjamin Spock for the 21 Century??  All the B.A.’s in the world cannot make a dysfunctional psyche purr like a finely tuned motorcar.  Nope.  There’s more going on here…

OCD much?  Yup, I think so.

Munchausen by Proxy?  Hmmm…I maybe a teensy-bit off with that, but…maaay-be not.  It’s really too soon to tell for sure, but some sort of off-shoot is definitely a possibly.  I mean, preemie babies…on purpose??  And you can’t tell me that she didn’t expect preemies with the “expected” seven babies.  Such multiple births are always preemies…with all the extra medical attention required that follows.

Sociopathic tendencies.  Oh, I’d say Sarah Palin’s got a BFF in the making.  Quick!  Call the Governor!  Nadya even has an autistic child!  That should make them Super BFF!

Whatever the case, I think something is definitely  loose in the belfry…and don’t blame the bats, those nice sweet, cute flying rodent-creatures who’s shit in profusion can turn to poisonous gasses. No, no.  I wouldn’t associate such a favorite creature with this woman. 

She is EVIL…either by profuse stupidity (which I doubt as she is smart enough to get a college degree) or by narcissistic design:

“Look at ME!  Look at MEEE!!  I have all these children AND I can tell you how to raise your kids too…’cause I can see my vagina from my house!  I mean…’cause I know how to give birth to LOTS of children at once!  ME!  Make ME famous and rich!”

Okay.  That’s all I can deal with for now or I’m gonna whip myself into such a frenzy I won’t be able to sleep.  But she make me oh-so-ANGRY.

*deep breath*

*forced smile*

See ya’ll tomorrow…one way or the other…

© 2009 D. Kessler