Olbermann calls out support for Prop 8…and it’s worth a watch.  How can you argue with this logic?  (Don’t worry…no yelling on this one!)

Add to that, this from the Atticus Circle website…they make the case better than I could ever hope to:

Research shows that there are over three million gay or lesbian people living in the United States in committed relationships in the same residence.

Here are just a few of the ways discrimination affects the lives of these families:

Because they cannot legally marry, same gender couples are denied the automatic right to function as equal partners parents out in the world – in places such as their child’s school or the hospital emergency room. Same gender couples are also denied the right to joint adoption and joint foster care.

The children of same gender couples are denied the guarantee of child support and an automatic legal relationship to both parents – possibly leading to no contact with the parent who is not on the birth certificate.

Health:  Unlike spouses, unmarried partners are usually not considered next-of-kin for the purposes of hospital visitation and emergency medical decisions. In addition, they can’t cover their families on their health plans without paying taxes on the coverage, nor are they eligible for Medicare and Medicaid coverage.

Same-gender couples are denied the right to inherit from each other like a husband and wife. They are denied the right to receive Social Security survivor benefits. A surviving partner could never file a wrongful death claim, and is not entitled to bereavement leave from work.

It is also worth remembering that there are no “accidental” children in gay and lesbian families. Their families are created with conscious intention. We must honor these relationships by giving them the rights they deserve.

So I ask you…When are people going to get their head out of their ass and just do the right thing?  Isn’t this just Common Sense? What are people so afraid of?!

We are way overdue to top the hate, fear and bigotry of this mentality.