090120-farewell-Saul Loeb viaReuters I have no words.  Only tears.  Tears of Relief.  Tears of Joy.  Tears of Laughter and  Happiness.  Tears…they just keep coming throughout the day, at odd times, for seeming no apparent or prompted reason.  I think it must be similar to what a victim of a violent and stressful crime…such as kidnapping and rape, or the prolonged bombing of your home…must feel when they realize it’s over and the relief sweeps in and  emotions can’t be kept in check…NOT ONE BIT.

Oh, we know everything is not going to be all bluebirds and rainbows, shiny happy people holding hands, free-flowing champagne and caviar.  No, we know there’s a lot of work ahead.  But, Goddamnit!  At least we have a fighting chance now!  The ones that have been making the mess for way to many years, faster than we can even contemplate cleaning it up much less make any head-way, have LEFT THE BUILDING.  That’s right…we FIRED them back in November and now the new guy has arrived, broom in hand and, with our help holding the dust pan, maybe some of this crap can go out with the very few scraps left from our tables.

That’s all I got today. As I said…words cannot describe…I just…well, here come the water-works again…Pass me that box o’ Kleenex, will ya?

© 2009 D. Kessler

I am finally out of bed at 5:30 pm, having tried to sleep my hang-over away (it didn’t work, by the way).  

This is me last night, ecstatic and crying tears of joy, watching Obama’s speech:


That’s it. I partied too long and hard afterwards in to the morning so I can’t do anything more right now.  I still keep having moments of “No way…really?!” and pinch myself and get a happy lump in my throat.

The Idiot is Dead.  Long Live Obama!

Too tired, too angry, too something…so all I have to say today is this:

Obama with holes in his shoes 2

Now, THAT is a man that knows not to squander money!  THAT is a man of the People, working for the People!  And THAT is the Man for the Job

And THIS, 7-year old Piper Palin with a $750.00 Louis Vutton bag purchased by the RNC, is proof of all that is just absolutely SICK and WRONG and MUST BE SENT HOME!

…and then I read this story from CNN that made me LAUGH OUT LOUD with glee…

That’s all folks…tired.  Time to sleep…if my mind will let me…

I can not stop fuming about the absolute horrification that is Sarah Palin, the Psycho Stepford Pitbull.  Really.  She reminds me of that fascist lady in pink at Hogwort’s in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (what’s her name? Oh, yeah…Dolores Umbridge).  FAKE FAKE FAKE LIAR FAKE TWO-FACED EVIL EVIL FAKE.

LOOK! It’s a view of the possible future Palin-McCain administration! Wait, I guess it’s supposed to be McCain-Palin, isn’t it?  Maybe someone should tell the Psycho Stepford that?  The way she’s been talking lately, it sounds like she is (or can’t wait to be) in charge and President.

But seriously now…The twisted lies and fear-mongering that Palin spews!  She said Obama “is someone who sees America as imperfect enough to pal around with terrorists…”.   Come on!  Just because he now lives in the same up-scale neighborhood as Bill Ayers and they currently have some compatible civic concerns does not constitute paling around!  Ayers may have been a radical militant protester in the 60’s, but that was 40 years ago.  Barak was only 8 years old and far, far away on an island in the Pacific Ocean…his family having absolutely nothing to do with Ayers.   By the way…Ayers is now a 60-year old distinguished and respected Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago and works calmly and legally for educational reform, as well as is involved with other philanthropic endeavors (http://www.woodsfund.org/about/mission )…hardly the same man as he was then!  

To quote Obama Spokesman, Bill Burton:

“Senator Obama strongly condemns the violent actions of [Ayer’s] Weathermen group, as he does all acts of violence. But he was an eight-year-old child when Ayers and the Weathermen were active, and any attempt to connect Obama with events of almost forty years ago is ridiculous.”

Even so, there were a lot of militant protesters in the 1960s…A LOT…though I wouldn’t call them “terrorists”.  They were people responding to a situation (America’s involvement in the Vietnam War) that was unconscionable to them and therefore may have felt required to take some drastic measures in order to make their point.  Don’t get me wrong…I am NOT advocating the violence some of them may have used, but you have to look at the times they were living in.  In fact…if you want to call Ayers a “terrorist”, then you had better label the participants in the Boston Tea Party as also terrorists…they SET FIRE TO A SHIP with gunpowder (in today’s terms…that’s setting a bomb)!  Under that criteria, George Washington and anyone else who actively participated in the Revolutionary War are also thereby terrorists! 

In using the term “terrorist” in the same sentence as Barak Obama’s name, Palin is intentionally attempting to portray him in a non-American light…a “us and them” light…and trying to plant in the mind of the American public the picture of those that attacked us on 9/11.  It’s a cheap, dirty, smear tactic…complete bogus propaganda similar to that used by the Nazis in pre-WWII Germany.

For a more realistic point of view, ask your mom or your aunt or uncle about what they and their friends were doing in the 60’s…or friends of their friends, or the neighbor-next-door’s son or daughter’s girlfriend/boyfriend.  You may be surprised to find out how close YOU are to being accused of “paling around with terrorists”.  I mean, really…

© 2008 D. Kessler