So you see, there’s been no action over here for quite a while…like months. Part of that was due to some weirdness with my ‘puter (see previous post), part was because I no longer have wi-fi access anywhere in my apartment, and part (most?) was because I was Just Plain Lazy. Tired and Uninspired. Had a serious case of Writer’s Block. Ok ok…I Just Plain Suck.

HOWEVER…as part of the Jump On The Bandwagon Program (also known as the New Year’s Resolution Brainstorm, version 20.10), I plan to…I endeavor to…I’m gonna TRY to…?  Whatever. Let’s just say there’s going to be a flurry of activity over here…well, at least compared to what’s been going on here in the past few (many!) months. It’ll be starting out as a small flurry…an occasional dust devil, if you will…nothing big enough to lift a farmhouse out of Kansas over the rainbow…but it will be SOMETHING.  And that’s the important part.  Writing SOMETHING…anything…getting back in the swing of things.   

Ya’ll should bear with me, though…I might have forgotten how to ride this bike just like I forgot how to drive a car.  We won’t be poppin’ wheelies or yellin’ “Look, Ma! No hands!” right away. And we may even be a bit all over the place, wobbling back and forth from one side of the road to the other, sampling a plethora of topics as they flit though my mind (like they always do. Focus? What’s focus? I swear sometimes I…Oh! Wow, look at that! SHINEY!! Wheeee!)

Uh…Where was I?  Oh yeah. Topics. Bunches of them. Some fun, some we’ll have to try to make fun, some angry, some just there…but then again, this IS Dy’s Mind’s Eye.  It’s just observations from my reality. So, welcome back to my reality, Everyone.  And welcome back to Me!  It will feel good to breathe again, I think.  Because that’s what writing is in my world: Life’s Breath.  And I’m back from the grave, Baybee!  Oh yeah!

So, I was scouring around the blogosphere, trying to come up with some ideas about what I am thankful for…you know, for the NaBlo topic this month.  Well, there are a lot of things out there to blather about, let me tell you. Oh, but you already know that, I’m sure.  I mean, if you’re like me and read other blogs and the news and the gossip and the…well, everything that is sustenance for the Cyber-Crack Addict…then it’s not a matter of finding something to write about, but rather to decide on the one thing to write about today, this very minute.  Maybe I’m just too ADHD to settle down to one topic, but it can be very hard for me sometimes to just tune out all the other things, or stop in the middle of a paragraph too look something up and quickly return to the task at hand, only to find out half an hour later that I am now reading something totally different than intended or logging on to one of my many favorite time-wasting sites that are the bane of my authoring existence.

Like just now.  Here I am, just typing away nothing in a probably transparent attempt at stalling.  I have to write, I even have an “assignment” of sorts (if you want to consider the NaBlo topic an assignment), but gosh darn it if I didn’t get up to reheat a slice of pizza and came back to my ‘puter to wait for it and here we go again.  I just pulled up Margaret and Helen to get caught up on the haps over there  (there was a troll invasion the other day…very disturbing, yet entertaining how it played out…) and…well, you can’t write anything really when you know that in two and a half minutes the toaster oven is going to pop and then you’re going to have to use your fingers for daintily shoving crusty carbs and gooey cheesey heaven between your lips and opening a coke and…well, not typing, right?  So, here it is half and hour later and I realize that I forgot all about my dinner and my unfinished blatherings and the open window with the rain outside (it is December in Seattle, after all) and  the meowling boy-cat outside and…well, just about everything. 

So, there I have it. My answer on what to write about today, this minute.  It isn’t a grand old thing such as world peace or a roof over my head or any “ta-dah!” epiphany .  Nope.  It’s just this:  I am thankful for Margaret and Helen, for Helen Philpot of Austin Texas, for her almost 83 years, her self-described “sailor mouth”, her breath of fresh air, her humor and her outrage.  She’s earned the right to say whatever she wants and boy am I glad she does!  And lately she’s gotten Margaret to post along with her, giving a kind of big-picture/home-front-picture format to the blog.  Margaret is incognito for a few days due to holiday travel, but I look forward to her return.  I gotta get my Gramma Helen and Aunt Margaret fix as often a they’ll post!

There.  That’s that.  And now I have slice of pizza and a coke to attend to, if you don’t mind…

© 2008 D. Kessler

So, I’m totally losing my mind…nope, wait.  I’ve officially lost it.  The cat is freaking out on me, watching big-eyed as “mommy” (that’s me, of course) confuses the heck outta her, totally.  My husband is at his wits end and doesnt’ know whether to laugh hysterically at/with me or yell at me to let him play his freakin’ Xbox game.  I apparently can’t shut up as I bounce around the kitchen and living room and all sorts of goofy shit is spewing from my mouth:  modified Sesame Street songs, show tunes (Hel-LO Dolly??), and…Iron Maiden?!? I HATE Iron Maiden…

Too much coffee, sugar and not enough actual story ideas coming from my brain makes for crappy weirdness…but it sure is fun!

Then my upstairs neighbor and best friend comes down and puts a damper on THAT…bitch-bitch-belly-ache about loser boyfriend not getting up today to look for work, bitch-bitch-freak-out about her hours getting cut at work (lovely economy we have here, dontya think?)…and do we have everything we need for Thanksgiving?  I can’t believe how expensive everything is…yadda-yadda…Come on, help me make a list…and did you send out the email to everybody…etc

Meanwhile, the maintenance-guy-slash-painter-man shows up to finish the project started yesterday in the bathroom…drywall, plaster and now the actual painting…so my ADHD it in total overload mode.  Too much going on in this house to write….AAAAUUUGGGHHH!

But on a good note…I have a finally have the name for a newly introduced character (yes, I know…late in the game, but we still need her…).  Say hello to…ha! Gotcha…you’ll have to read the story to find out…

So…back to the grindstone…turn up the Rockablly-Psychobilly soundrack!

© 2008 D. Kessler