Brekkies:  The first meal of the day, often involving fried/boiled/poached poultry reproductive cells (eggs), toasted grain product (first baked into loaves and sliced) and a hot beverage made from the roasted berry of the Coffea canephora  or Coffea arabica.  Sometimes smoked/cured porcine flesh is included, as well as fruit.  Short for Breakfast.

Catpile:    when three or more individuals are heaped together for coziness to sleep, watch tv or generally be lazy.  Extra points for actually including a furry feline creature in your catpile.

Chia-Butt:  One’s gluteus maximus, enlarged from indulgent feeding and lack of exersize.  Similar to the Chia Pet in that it just continues to grow and grow… (many thanks to Marty for this lovely term that will not leave my mind…)

For Really-Real:  No joke.  A sure thing. More real than real. 

Frak/Frakin’:  Expletive popularized by the Battlestar Galactica television series (Original and SciFi Channel), exact meaning officially off-record, but apparently used in substitution of the “f” word, thereby avoiding someone sticking a bar of soap in your mouth. 

Grrl:  A female of the strongest type, definatly one to be reckoned with; one that revels in her womanhood and girlness.  A Riot Grrl.

Hoople-Head:  A member of the ignorant masses; an idiot.  Expanded:  One that obliviously creates a disturbance to others through their own revelry.  A partier of lower intelligence.  (Thanks to Al Swearengen of HBO’s Deadwood for this term!)

Joe Metro:   Slang for Seattle public transportation, King Co. Metro Transit, also known as “the bus”

Lame-o:   One that is generally lacking in needful or desirable substance; one that does not follow through.  A slacker that sucks.

MIL:   Mother-in-Law, or the equivalent of.

SUV:  A large vehicle with a truck chassis and usually extremely low gas mileage, originally built and intended for both off-road and on-road use.  Favored by Soccer Moms and status-minded urbanites, probably fewer than 1% actually get used as intended.  Officially an acronym for Suburban Utility Vehicle, a more accurate term, and one which I prefer, is Stupid Ugly Vehicle.