Last year this day I wrote a little post called Have A Goddamn Dream, Damn It. Go check it out. It’s not much…not all wordy and long…but I stand by it. Watch the video. LISTEN to the video. It still rings true. As does this one I’m sharing today of Dr. King’s final speech…delivered the day before his assassination.

I hear a fearless man that knows he probably should be afraid. I see a fantastic, charismatic leader ready to do the dirty work of speaking the TRUTH loud and clear, of igniting the FIRE deep in the soul of the People, and the dangerous work of standing up to “The Man” (ie The Government Machine). I see a brave captain knowing he may have to go down for the ship before giving up. He was no dummy…he knew he had enemies that wanted to shut him the fuck up.

Now, I’m not a Christian and I get pretty sick to death with all the bible-thumping, Jesus-invoking rabble-rousing so many politicians have resorted to in the past few years. But for some reason, Dr. King’s Christian God references in his last public speech…as with all his other great speeches…don’t even bother me one bit. This man was The Real Deal. He believed and he knew…and his message was right in line with the true meaning of Christianity. He meant it for helping…for FREEDOM…not for personal gain and restriction, as all these asshat rightwing conservatives have been after lately.

I hear Dr. King speaking to us HERE and NOW. His message is LOUD and CLEAR

“Somewhere I read the greatness of America is the right to protest for right!”

He was a Great Man standing up to THE Man. We need another one like him…and we need him right the fuck NOW.

Don’t let Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and everything he stood for be forgotten. Don’t let the FIRE go out! Not EVER …and especially NOT NOW.


090120-farewell-Saul Loeb viaReuters I have no words.  Only tears.  Tears of Relief.  Tears of Joy.  Tears of Laughter and  Happiness.  Tears…they just keep coming throughout the day, at odd times, for seeming no apparent or prompted reason.  I think it must be similar to what a victim of a violent and stressful crime…such as kidnapping and rape, or the prolonged bombing of your home…must feel when they realize it’s over and the relief sweeps in and  emotions can’t be kept in check…NOT ONE BIT.

Oh, we know everything is not going to be all bluebirds and rainbows, shiny happy people holding hands, free-flowing champagne and caviar.  No, we know there’s a lot of work ahead.  But, Goddamnit!  At least we have a fighting chance now!  The ones that have been making the mess for way to many years, faster than we can even contemplate cleaning it up much less make any head-way, have LEFT THE BUILDING.  That’s right…we FIRED them back in November and now the new guy has arrived, broom in hand and, with our help holding the dust pan, maybe some of this crap can go out with the very few scraps left from our tables.

That’s all I got today. As I said…words cannot describe…I just…well, here come the water-works again…Pass me that box o’ Kleenex, will ya?

© 2009 D. Kessler

Mention the term Happy Hour to just about any American and you won’t have to explain what that means.  It conjures up visions of frosty glasses of beer, a myriad of various cocktails and cheap food, usually appetizers.  It also brings to mind the huge sigh of relief that is the end of the work-day, sometimes an early end on Fridays, and hanging out with friends, acquaintances and even your neighborhood Officer Friendly, all in varying states of soberness, or rather, drunkenness.  It gives a nice warm glow to the deep emotional center of a person, usually erroneously attributed to the pumping organ known as the heart.  And no, no one ever drives home after Happy Hour…no, no, never.

However, just 75 years and one day ago, this haven of contentment could not legally exist.  Can you imagine getting off work, harrowed and worn out, and having to go home to…a glass of milk?  Or a lemonade?  A cup of coffee or tea?  I mean, come on!  What kind of reward is that?  Milk…gas.  Lemonade…acid reflux.  Coffee or tea…case of the jitters, irritability and possibly the digestive plagues already aforementioned.  What a raw deal!

Yep.  Thanks to the 18th Amendment to the Constitution of the US of A, enacted across the land in 1920, that lovely frosty beer whetting your whistle on a hot August evening after work, that gin and tonic or whiskey coke with your buddies at a friendly neighborhood establishment, served by a cynical or friendly Joe the Bartender, were not only scarce, but worse….illegal.  You might be able to risk a speakeasy in a remote alley later in the evening, but daylight hours, at the corner cafe?  Uh-uh.  No can do.  And definitely not with Officer Friendly…unless he was on the take.

December 5th, 1933 changed all that.  Bathtub gin…bye-bye.  Mob-run speakeasy…not so many and not so profitable anymore.  ‘Cause, by Jove!  FDR says it’s OK to have a beer, says it’s OK to toast your glass of scotch!  And when Utah finally…the last of 36 states…voted on the 21st Amendment to say OK too, that was it!  Over here in Seattle, the State of Washington had already ratified the new amendment back in October, and so eager were Seattle-ites to get the ball rolling and jump off that Wagon of Woe that the City Council already had an emergency ordinance drawn up just waiting for the Mayor to sign it…which he did immediately…and voila!  The Mecca Cafe on Queen Anne Hill/Uptown is purportedly the very first bar in Seattle to legally serve up a beer on that very day, December 5th, 1933!  At least, that’s how the history on the back of the menus used to tell it…and I say bully for them! 

So, today’s trite topic of “Thanks” goes like this:

Liberty's Torch is lighted once more today_1933 - courtesty Seattle Post-IntelligencerI’m thankful…so very thankful…for the 21st Amendment to the Constitution of  the United States of America.
And for the beverages, which now so freely flow.
One nation, now drunken, be they morose or happy,
Enjoying tranquility and Sodden Debauchery for all.

And now, off to The Mecca, such a short stone’s throw from my abode, in celebration!

*holding invisible glass high*

Slainte! Salude! Cheers!


© 2008 D. Kessler