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Sometimes, after being stuck indoors with The Heinous Dreaded Holiday Cold of 2011 for a few days, you just have to just go on walkabout to take pictures of stuff…of anything…if only to remind yourself that there really IS a real and tangible world out there. It’s not all just Facebook and Twitter, Flipboad and Tumbler. Yep…time to slap on the pit-stick, swish some Listerene, lace up the Dr Martens and hit the neighborhood pavement. Besides, I desperately wanted a mimosa and there was not a drop of orange juice in the refrigerator!

Hello, favorite local grocery…long time no see!


The cruel fallacy that are flowers in winter…


A plethora of olives: No one can eat just one


A local favorite: caught, cooked and ready to eat…pass the drawn butter, please!


Let them eat CAKE! 🙂 Sweets for the sweet…and for good luck in the new year…


Time to pay The Piper…


Aaaannnd…Ta-DAH! We emerge victorious, mission accomplished.
(Note: Doesn’t Darling Daughter look cute in her hammy pose? LOL)


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Tonight is about many cherished friends, copious quantities of outstanding food and outrageously good times. A very Happy Birthday to my dear friend Meg…partner in crime these long 19 years. Holy crap…it doesn’t feel that long!

So, here’s a picture of dinner…well, what’s left of it anyway…

Tonight’s segment in the unfolding story of Jillian & Thol has been hijacked by a weekly phenomenon. It’s called Friday Night. After a crazy-ass hell-ish week at The Slave Box.

I think you know what that means.

Drink Amongst Yourselves. Drink very, very well…Cheers!

(Now playing: The Cramps – “Naked Girl Falling Down The Stairs” Go look it up, listen to it. It rocks.)

Way to lose Readers…that you possibly/probably never had:

  1. Don’t post anything anything anyone actually wants to read about.
  2. Be Not-Nice to other bloggers in one or more recent posts.
  3. Be so lazy that Star Trek: Next Generation takes precedence over pretty much everything else.
  4. Drink vodka for dinner…preferably with a microscopic amount of dry vermouth and a cocktail onion or two.
  5. Have Twizzlers for dessert.
  6. Post insipid lists meaning nothing.
  7. Repeat.

That is to say…the aforementioned is exactly my evening tonight.

Welcome to El Castillo on a Tuesday.

© 2011 D. Kessler

aspirin3I think we maybe had a little bit too much fun last night. Just a tad. Judging from the way I’ve been a big lazy blob on the couch, clicking my way through the Xfinity On Demand menu and fading in and out of napping for the past, um, whole day…yeah I’d say that last night was a bit off the charts. Oh yeah, that…and my head is killing me.

I’m thinking it was either the fantastic fru-fru cocktail with plum infused vodka and rhubarb muddled with cucumber and other stuff that started it all off. Or maybe it was the four tall vodka-crans at the next place. Or maybe it was the can of Rolling Rock and Wii Trivial Pursuit at 3:30am with the glass of waterneighbors upstairs…or…

Oh hell, I know what it was. It was the two whole cigarettes I smoked during  the Wii Trivial Pursuit at 3:30am. Ew…Gross. *cough-cough* *gag*

Also…note to self and anyone else going out and getting their drink on that’s over the age of 35:  EAT SOMETHING FIRST. You know…like, uh…DINNER.

Talk about a seasoned professional pulling an amateur stunt. Yeah, I’m feeling not so hot today, so this is all you, dear Reader, are getting from me. Oh, but it all seemed like a WONDERFUL idea at the time. Best laid plans and all that. They always do.

Now back to space-out with a Xanax and drink the tallest glass of water you’ve ever seen. We’ve got places to be, and to be seen at, tomorrow.

© 2011 D. Kessler

I’m sitting in my local just having a drink or five. It’s Friday night, it’s payday, my buddy’s pouring stiffies (you know…Mike…of previous post fame). The jukebox is playing the good, the bad, & lots of the ugly…everything from Nine Inch Nails to Hank III to Journey to Gogol Bordello…it’s a Good Thing. Very.

So, pardon me if I don’t really have an earth shattering rant or a sage blurb to dispense to the masses.


I deserve it! I preserve it! (Okok…no B-52’s references, I gotcha.) Damn it if I haven’t earned this cocktail and all it’s cousins!

I’m wishing y’all a Happy Fucking Friday and go tear some shit up with people you love. RIGHT NOW! Do it. Cuz if they’re really friends worth half their salt… they miss you. Even if you saw them yesterday.

Good-God, its nice to have a neighborhood bar that’s like your living room. Say what you want about the triteness of that ’80s television sitcom Cheers and the whole “where everybody knows your name” schitck but it’s fucking hella nice to just be able to walk in whenever with out worrying about what you’re wearing, who’s there or not, and know that the bartender not only knows you for real, but even has your phone number….and no, not like how your thinking! Get your mind out of the gutter! I’ve never been a bartender groupie.

I’m talking about shit like…

When baseball season hits Seattle and Mr. Rockstar and I go to a game with friends Mike & Sarah and Meg & Jim and Cory & Matt…and yes, Mike’s the bartender at my neighborhood bar. Or, I have a Girls’ Night Out with dinner at a nice restaurant and drinks & dancing at a club afterwards with five-to-eight other women friends…and yes, Michelle works at my neighborhood bar.

Or, when my wallet falls out of my handbag (it’s been known to do this more than once…I’m really bad about zipping that damn bag shut), or maybe I just forgot it on the bar, and I get a call at 1:00 am from my friend Sharon…who, yes, is the bartender…to let me know it’s behind the counter at the cash register and I can pick it up whenever. It’s safe. Yeah. That’s really cool.

We all need a place where, when you walk in, the bartender is happy to see you and, almost every time  you visit, gives you $5.00 to put music on the jukebox because she knows that, even if she isn’t familiar with all the music you’ll play, it’ll be something she will like and she’ll be asking you every few songs,”Who IS this? What song? Cool!” The Mecca Cafe, 2010. Photo by entOptic

A place where I can type this on my iPhone while sitting at the bar & nobody thinks I’m being antisocial because they know that in five seconds I’m more likely to be up & bopping about to some crazy tune I just put on the jukebox or that I’ll be fighting to get a word in edgewise with somebody sitting or standing next to me bending my ear.

This is my living room, damn it. And yes, I do use the TV remote here.

So, move over outta my seat, Sugar. It fits my ass bettah. 😉

© 2011 D. Kessler

It’s in the Air…it’s coming…I promise…