Ivar’s Salmon House for Sunday Brunch…with twenty other people…all in honor of a new life arriving in a few weeks via one of my oldest friends. Yes, that’s right…A baby shower. Not your normal baby shower…for Not-Your-Normal crowd of unusual suspects. It was lovely.

Copious quantities of crab legs, prime rib, oysters on the half-shell, salmon of various preparations, eggs benedict, various porcine breakfast meats, crepes, to many salads to count, fruits and breads and tarts and eclairs. Mimosas, Bloody Marys, Coffee. Oh god, yes…Coffeeee.

I was too preoccupied with consuming the food to take pictures of it, so here instead are some snaps of the room, starting with the vaulted ceiling above our table…hung with ancient hand-hewn canoes and Native art:


A portion of the wall mural behind our table:

Mural (crop)

Some beautiful proud people gone before line the hall from the buffet to the dining room:

Old Ones 3

Let me just say that I could go on from here and rant and rave about the atrocities that have been done against those proud people at the hands of the evil white eye in search of profit and power. I have a pang in my gut that is not due to too much hollandaise or a questionable oyster or too many sweeties, but rather from the commercialism and greed thinly cloaked in a ambient tribute to those that have lost so much, even their own culture. They are not now the same peoples as they were for hundreds of years. They have been manipulated and marginalized, crushed into the background of society.

Yes, I could. I feel I should…but I just don’t have the energy. My fire has been doused with a dawning of futility. That and so much wonderful food today, with friends dear…and so now I must sleep.

Too. Much. Food.

© 2011 D. Kessler