aspirin3I think we maybe had a little bit too much fun last night. Just a tad. Judging from the way I’ve been a big lazy blob on the couch, clicking my way through the Xfinity On Demand menu and fading in and out of napping for the past, um, whole day…yeah I’d say that last night was a bit off the charts. Oh yeah, that…and my head is killing me.

I’m thinking it was either the fantastic fru-fru cocktail with plum infused vodka and rhubarb muddled with cucumber and other stuff that started it all off. Or maybe it was the four tall vodka-crans at the next place. Or maybe it was the can of Rolling Rock and Wii Trivial Pursuit at 3:30am with the glass of waterneighbors upstairs…or…

Oh hell, I know what it was. It was the two whole cigarettes I smoked during  the Wii Trivial Pursuit at 3:30am. Ew…Gross. *cough-cough* *gag*

Also…note to self and anyone else going out and getting their drink on that’s over the age of 35:  EAT SOMETHING FIRST. You know…like, uh…DINNER.

Talk about a seasoned professional pulling an amateur stunt. Yeah, I’m feeling not so hot today, so this is all you, dear Reader, are getting from me. Oh, but it all seemed like a WONDERFUL idea at the time. Best laid plans and all that. They always do.

Now back to space-out with a Xanax and drink the tallest glass of water you’ve ever seen. We’ve got places to be, and to be seen at, tomorrow.

© 2011 D. Kessler