[Warning/Disclaimer:  I’m not going to be nice here. If you don’t want to read the F-word, go somewhere else today. Heck, this blog usually has a few curse words in it…just so you know]

The Westboro  Baptist Church promising to picket a funeral of a nine-year-old girl is just about as despicable as I can imagine. I mean, I get it that they think that America has gone to hell in a hand-basket. I get that they are full of hate for anyone that doesn’t adhere to their belief system. They claim God hates the LGBT community, Catholics, Divorcees, Atheists, Agnostics, People that have sex outside marriage, People that have done drugs, People that have contracted AIDS in any way whatsoever…I could go on and on.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget: God…HATES…America.

I get that they are a bunch of fucking ass-hole whack-a-dos.


I mean, really…take a look at this quote from their official statement to CNN today about their planned picket of Christina Green’s funeral:

“We picket the funerals to make these vital points to the living! If you heed, it is life and health and peace and safety…God sent the shooter! Praise God for ALL his works, and BE YE THANKFUL!.” ~ Shirley Phelps-Roper

Wait a minute.


GOD…Jehovah GOD…sent the SHOOTER?! To kill 6 people, one of which was an innocent nine-year-old baseball-loving girl?? Not to mention injuring at least 12 more?? WTF?!

I’m sorry. I just can’t even…I’m just…holy crap…I’ve got nothing to counter that. I’m just too overwhelmingly fucking flabbergasted to even think after that, let alone write.

I really wanted to write a well thought out, vehement attack on all that is evil and Westboro Baptist. I thought I could do it. Light that liberal pagan fire under me and watch me GO! Wheee!

But…my stomach just can’t take it. I can’t form the words.

A pool of vomit really is the best I can do. I just wish I could project my stream of velocitific bile toward them THEM…on them…and may it burn through their vile eyes and into their brain. 

It might do them some good.

It sure has hell can’t make them much worse.

© 2011 D. Kessler