I don’t watch talk-news television.

Not any of it. Unless maybe it’s an election year…but even then, I really just prefer to steer clear of Them All.

Those channels dedicated solely to talk programs, yelling programs, left/right propaganda programs, Idiots-On-Parade programs, I-Hate Programs, We’re-Better’n-You-and-Why programs, Gimmee-M’Gun programs, Lock-up-the-Guns Programs, He-Said-She-Said programs, I-Say-This-and-You-Better-Listen programs…

I think you get the idea.

That crap isn’t journalism, it’s rah-rah-video political version of The National Enquirer. Heck, sometimes it’s more like the old Weekly World News the way it throws out these half-assed, blown-so-big-it’s-about-to-pop atrocities of so-called “news”.

Because of my lack of Shout TV, I have just now…albeit a bit tardy, a bit late, a bit so-two-days-ago…come across this nine minute and three second speech that brought tears to my eyes. Serious tears. The kind where a few escaped onto my cheek before I could hastily brush them away. I choked up and had to watch it again immediately from the beginning. It’s exactly how I feel about the Monstrous Madness of the Masses and I just cant put it any better.

So, watch it. Even if you already have. Even if you don’t normally like Olbermann. Digest it. Learn it. This is the real Word. Fuck all the other words.

There is something wonderful said here.

© 2011 D. Kessler