I would like to apologize for the fact that I have absolutely nothing feisty or even opinionated or political to say today. Yesterday’s shooting in Arizona and subsequent personal media overload was a zap to my system…I feel slightly singed. Charred around the edges like a tree at the perimeter of the fire…not burned up, just bruised, tender and tired.

It’s been a day of healing at Casa de D today. A much needed day of pajamas and music and no television and minimal interweb action. So, as far as I know, maybe there has been another deadly shooting or a foreign missile launched or multiple babies thrown from 40-story windows in Name-Your-City-of-Choice (okok…channeling Livia Soprano there for a minute. *shudder* Sorry.) I have been in my cocoon of comfort with family and french press and kittens and various musical distractions via Fantabulous Daughter’s plethorific iPod inventory and Mr. Rockstar’s intermittent acoustic guitar riffs & freshair and daisiesa backlogged bunch of CDs begging for digitizing to my hard drive…and even Evil UpstairsBlindGuy’s Hootenanny of Hell filtering through his floor/my ceiling (Gods help us).

The Tea Party Fucks and Frenzied Masses on Both Sides should take a moment and run with my lead. We all need a Sunday of Nothing from time to time. Maybe more like all the time. I’m not saying stick your head in the sand. I’m not saying keep your head in the clouds. I’m saying…Everybody Just Chill the Frak OUT…for just a minute. A day. Or more.

Let’s take a breath of fresh air in peace while we still can. I fear that this might  get loud soon.

© 2011 D. Kessler