I know I’m all over the place here lately. New Year’s Resolutions, a rant about winter and the retail nightmare, a blurb about lesser headlines and a near-choked-up tribute to a recently dead-and-gone musician doesn’t really live up to my previous life as a post-every-day ranting lunatic, a political-and-entertainment-news op-ed wanna-be somewhat serious writer. But at least I’m writing/posting SOMETHING. That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway.

Yes, getting back in the groove of posting something meaningful every day, or at least somewhat entertaining, is proving to be harder than I’d like. Thank the ever-glorious SlaveBox aka Cubicle of Doom for zapping the light & life out of me by the time time I set foot on the bus home. Add to that a tiny (read 650 sq ft) apartment with three adults and two cats…and at least three-to-five large egos…all living, breathing, fighting and whatever else you can imagine and holy crap you’ve got a pickle of a situation. Where the hell am I supposed to squeeze in the time and mind-set to focus on a single topic let alone actually form an opinion about it? Um…yeah. *sigh* We’re working on that part, but bear with me for a while longer, okay? 

Here’s the plan…or at least a foggy semblance of an outline of a plan.

Since we be a nine-to-fiver (or thereabouts) during the week, expect some fluff dandelion_puffon the weekdays. Might be a gem that emerges here and there, but then it might just be some fluffy stuff floating between my ears.

Weekends are my time…all day in pajamas time…so that’s the time we hope to focus on getting some actual writing done. Think of Dy’s Mind’s Eye more like a weekly zine…in one or two installments. Hopefully part one on Saturday, part two on Sunday. Anyway…that’s the idea I’m runnin’ with. To be clear, we’ll be here everyday (hopefully) keeping the space warm, feeding the fire, handing out tid-bits to the masses…sides to the Main Entree, as it were. The supporting roles to the Saturday/Sunday Sit-Down.

That said, for today’s tid-bit I thought I’d share my Morning Coffee SlaveBox Playlist for today. Yes it’s fluff…but it’s nice fluff.  I’ve added links to various versions of most of the tunes via YouTube etc where available. Enjoy. 🙂

Morning Coffee SlaveBox Playlist

Massive Attack – Karmacoma
Stegasaurus Rex – Premumbra
Royksopp – Triumphant
Maia Krasnaia – On Ledianoi
Massive Attack – A Prayer For England 
Jel – Sweet Cream In It
Frederico Aubele – Postales 
Tricky – Overcome
Moby – Natural Blues
Massive Attack – Paradise Circus 
General Fuzz – Comfort Zone
Gotan Project – Tango Cancion 
PANTyRAID – Get the Money
Trance Fury – Guilt 
Mono – Silicone 
All India Radio – Lo Fi Groovy
Gotan Project – Vuelvo Al Sur
DJ Shadow- Midnight in a Perfect World
The Last Atlant – Anima Mundi
The Crystal Method – London

© 2011 D. Kessler