You know, I woke up this morning kinda cranky. That and I’m really tired of hearing everybody go on & on about the stupid christian holday. On facebook, on twitter, in my email…everyfreakinwhere! What, are we all six years old now, jumping up & down in front of a brightly-colored basket full of poison treats??


Dead person dead.
Dead person, nice as he might have been, did NOT get up & walk outta any cave! (ya think?)
Dead person stayed dead & his people made up propoganda to help them try to buck their legal Roman occupiers (yeah, that worked out real well).
Dead person’s people’s fairy story got outta hand…waaay outta hand.
Millions upon millions of people die as a result.
Along the way, they steal perfectly good pagan holiday practices from perfectly good pagan people everywhere and then stamp them out (ie kill them too) while working said practices into their own uses (twist & bastardize…yeah, great.)

Yeah this is a stupid, sad and ridiculous “holiday”.

Now gimme all your jelly beans and shut up about it! 😉