February 2009

This takes the cake.  Now she want’s a…no, really, let me get this straight…A JOB?!  In TELEVISION??!?!

I’m sorry, but I think Ms. Suleman needs serious mental help…and a proverbial slap in the face reality check.  Who the hell does she think she is that she can be the new Dr. Benjamin Spock for the 21 Century??  All the B.A.’s in the world cannot make a dysfunctional psyche purr like a finely tuned motorcar.  Nope.  There’s more going on here…

OCD much?  Yup, I think so.

Munchausen by Proxy?  Hmmm…I maybe a teensy-bit off with that, but…maaay-be not.  It’s really too soon to tell for sure, but some sort of off-shoot is definitely a possibly.  I mean, preemie babies…on purpose??  And you can’t tell me that she didn’t expect preemies with the “expected” seven babies.  Such multiple births are always preemies…with all the extra medical attention required that follows.

Sociopathic tendencies.  Oh, I’d say Sarah Palin’s got a BFF in the making.  Quick!  Call the Governor!  Nadya even has an autistic child!  That should make them Super BFF!

Whatever the case, I think something is definitely  loose in the belfry…and don’t blame the bats, those nice sweet, cute flying rodent-creatures who’s shit in profusion can turn to poisonous gasses. No, no.  I wouldn’t associate such a favorite creature with this woman. 

She is EVIL…either by profuse stupidity (which I doubt as she is smart enough to get a college degree) or by narcissistic design:

“Look at ME!  Look at MEEE!!  I have all these children AND I can tell you how to raise your kids too…’cause I can see my vagina from my house!  I mean…’cause I know how to give birth to LOTS of children at once!  ME!  Make ME famous and rich!”

Okay.  That’s all I can deal with for now or I’m gonna whip myself into such a frenzy I won’t be able to sleep.  But she make me oh-so-ANGRY.

*deep breath*

*forced smile*

See ya’ll tomorrow…one way or the other…

© 2009 D. Kessler

Today is a rant.  A rant about how infantile the media is and how infantile the U.S. is in general.  About how I am fed up with the propaganda that illegalized marijuana and the repugnance I feel for the whole “puritan ethic” that spawned this continuing fiasco.

cannabis sativa To be clear, I do not smoke the ganja.  I just can’t do it…even though I love the smell of some of the very high quality stuff and would like to make little sachets for my underwear drawer with it.  I. Just. Don’t. And. Can’t.  You don’t want to see me on THC.  I don’t want to see me on THC.  It speeds up my brain even faster than it already is and my physical being can’t catch up.  It’s not pretty.

That said…

Who the frak cares that Michael Phelps smoked some weed from a bong recreationally?!  He’s 23 years old and I bet a similar percentage of 23 year olds still smoke weed as did when I was 23…and as when my mother was 23.  That’s what 23 year olds do.  If he wants to play around with (aka experiment?) with an herb that has been around for many millennia…in moderation…why shouldn’t he? 

Oohhhh…yeah…we forgot.  It’s illeeegal. Here. In the U.S.  Because of some very well placed continuing (false) propaganda. 

And, oohhhh yeaahh…he’s a “role model” for kids because he’s an Olympian Athlete. 

Okay.  So maybe it wasn’t the best idea for him to smoke some weed and get caught doing it.  For the kids.  Okay.  Well, he apologized for that…for whatever reason and because of whatever pressure was placed on him.   I don’t really think he should have had to do that.  But, we do live where we live in the times we live and…


I’m just working myself up over this and I really don’t feel like fleshing this one out.  I just don’t even see why I need to.  It’s a very cut and dried issue for me:  it’s an herb, it’s less harmful than many other substances that are fully legal and even socially acceptable, it’s something that I wholeheartedly believe that the government should legalize and tax the frak cannabis plantout of so that we can fund whatever it is that needs to be funded that isn’t getting funded.

To get up in arms about a 23 year old smoking something that our founding  fathers grew…for both industrial use, as well as personal use…is just plain preposterous to me. It’s ridiculous.

And it makes me SICK.

There you have it.  Talk amongst yourselves.  Add a comment or five.  Tell me what you think, even (and especially) if you don’t agree with me. 

“In the old time…it was not a crime…” ~ Gogol Bordello

Okay. I’ve said my piece for now on this subject.  It’s not the end, I can tell you…

See you tomorrow…one way or the other…

© 2009 D. Kessler

As I apparently blew off my writing/blogging for the month of January…with the exception of two posts…it was with trepidation that I meandered over to the NaBloPoMo site in search of a new badge for February for the right-side column of my blog’s front page.  Does it make a mockery of the whole idea if I, with my happy little badge declaring that “I write every day!”, don’t fulfill the task?  I mean, you all see that little thing in the corner and go, ‘Yeah, right, Dy.  Sure you’re going to post everyday.  Uh-huh. Ok. Whatever you say.  You know we came by here a number of days last month and you were nowhere to be found.  Totally incognito, kaput, vaporized…just plain GONE.”


Yes, that’s true.  But then there’s the idea that if I stick that badge in the corner that maybe it’ll help nudge me in that direction, sort of a way to guilt me into it, as it were.  Not that I don’t want to write something everyday, it’s just that it seems so hard lately to do so.  I don’t have the helpful external prodding from the media blitz that preceded the election, I don’t have the hours of nothing to do that I did before I re-joined the workforce, I don’t have the brain energy to get wrapped up in some trivial thing and make it a big thing and I certainly don’t seem to have the words free-flowing out my fingertips. 

Not to say that I don’t have the words still stewing and swirling around my brain…they just seem to be having a hard time finding the correct corridor to the exit. 

See, the words that are romping around my head seem be different than the previous ones.  Additionally, they have stifled the cool creative words, the words that really want to/need to get out and about, the words that are interesting and create stories and opinions and observations worth reading.  The non-cool words…aka the Bully Words…sprout from things like financial concerns and getting my living space livable and PMS and general non-happenings that bug me in Real Life…things that are best left in a private journal or hashed out with one’s psychiatrist.  These Bully Words loiter around the hallways of my brain, blocking the exits for the Creative Words…and they apparently think this is a riot.  I imagine them calling out in their best Nelson voice, “Haw-haw!  Look at the freaky-artsy-fartsies trying to get out!  Haw-haw! What a bunch of idiots!  Haw-haw!”  Which, of course, makes the neurotic Creative Words forget all their Coolness and they mill about trying to look cool and pretend that they’re waiting for other Cool Creative Words to hang out with…which means that they never really get out, do they?

Well. We’re. Not. Having. Any of it!  Apparently the geekiest of the Creative Words made it out somehow…or else how do you explain this bizarre metaphor of a story?

So.  February’s topic at NaBloPoMo is WANT…and I WANT to beat those Bully Words to a pulp and get those Cool Creative Words flowing again.  If ya’ll have any ideas on how to get that done, by all means, toss ’em my way!  In the meantime, it is my full intention to plop some shit on this shingle everyday this month…hopefully some of it will be worth reading.

See ya tomorrow…one way or the other…

© 2009 D. Kessler