Bitter, bitter cold.  Nasty obnoxious wind. A vehement choppy-churny grey-green Bay.  And at one point I could not even see the West Seattle Bridge or the large port cranes at the mouth of the Duwamish River, both normally very prominent to spy, as they were now being enveloped in a angry-looking mass of of charcoal-hued monstrosity that looked like it came out of my vacuum cleaner when last we realize we weren’t getting any suction and couldn’t recall the last time we had emptied the canister…what a mess!

It really brought to mind a vision of some vexed spirit that, having entered the water molecules at a cellular level, was now having a violently anxious and ominous attack of animosity as it realized it could not free itself from the physical form of this…thing.  It was a bit alarming to view…complete with the accompanying sharp, razor-like particles that was frozen rain pelting our office windows facing Elliott Bay

With the wind as it was, however, the mass of angry cotton-candy-from-hell with a full stove’s worth of wood ash tossed in the mix blew off a bit to the south enough for me to leave the building to have lunch with my daughter one block away.  It’s a grand thing when one’s offspring is advanced to the stage I call “all grown up” (mostly) and insists on taking her mom to lunch…sushi, even.  It was a very Shonri & Danica_12.17.08welcome treat to visit with her and her best friend, the three of us toasty warm at the cozy Japanese Gourmet in the Pike Place Market. While there, I snapped a little picture with my crappy camera-phone/iPhone, as Miss Shonri is leaving us tomorrow…home for the holidays, we’ll say…and one must capture such moments, I don’t know why.  It’s just one of those things that our parents and grandparents have instilled in us and seems to stick through the generations.

I bet you can’t guess which one of the girls is mine.  I’ll give you a hint…we have the same hair… 😉  Totally unintentional…of course.

So that’s my post today:  I’m thankful for my beautiful daughter (she’s going to kill me for putting her on the spot like this…).  So thankful that she’s so much smarter than the average bear/A’murkin (take your pick) and that we get to spend time together often and have similar enough interests that we can share so much…ideas, musical tastes, artsy-crafty-things.  Just stuff.  And in exactly three months (tomorrow) she’ll actually be able to legally order that sake she ordered with her sushi this afternoon…(oops! Shouldn’t have mentioned that, should I have? Bad, mommy!)

And now it’s time for this over-age princess to hit the sack.My fingers are making it pretty clear that they want to stop now.  They had a hard day at the office…

© 2008 D. Kessler