Well, Kiddies….As far as I’m concerned, NaNoWriMo 08 is done, fin, kaput for the year.  I obviously did not make it to the desired end result of 50,000 words but, hey…I wrote more this month on this single one project than I have in an extremely long time!  So, that makes me a winner in my book, 50K words or no! 

I topped out at just 16,230 words.  I know, sounds pathetic…but I kinda cheated myself by starting late, by not sticking to my everyday writing schedule and then there was the holiday week, what with it’s emotional baggage and social obligations.  This is by no means a disclaimer, a cop-out, a waa-waa refusal to take the blame.  Oh no…I DEFINATELY  am the one to blame!  But, as I said already, I haven’t written that many words for one project in a very long time…maybe ever actually, as my writing in the past has been much shorter stories, essays and poetry.  So, I do feel good about my over-all performance and very much looking forward to doing this again next year…but prepared and the right way!

That said, I am not abandoning the story I started for this year’s NaNoWriMo. Anyone that has read the story as I have posted here in my blog will know that it is far from over!  There are people to meet and people to find and people to stay away from coming up.  I may even slide in a perspective from she-who-is-missing…though I really haven’t even decided if she’s still alive!  So, I don’t really know for sure if or when I will pursue that possibility. What I am sure of is that I will definitely be posting more of the story as I go along, although I may not post a new installment everyday.  I’m thinking more along the lines of weekly installments, and probably each one will be longer in length.  I dunno…we’ll see how it goes.  I have to think about other things too, or I will drive myself even more insane than I already am!

So…stay tuned…and visit often…you never know what will come out of my brain on any given day!  A little political commentary?  A little more of the story  (I’m still trying to think of a title by the way…)?  I rant-and-rave about some idiot thing that happened to my way to the (insert place here)?  Who knows…I sure don’t!

And please comment freely when you stop by.  Feedback is greatly conducive to output…and every little bit helps!

Now, back to my grindstone…

© 2008 D. Kessler