Ever look at the Tag cloud and your eyes go all out-of-focus…then, just for a minute, you think you see something that looks like it almost makes sense…almost?  Blips and glops of words that become something entirely different than they are/were on their own…like:

Bible Software Dogs:  Is this a band?  Or a geek club?
Government Marketing Ramblings:  This definitely sounds like where McCain’s speeches come from.  I wonder if they give a discount to bulk orders of Bullshit and Double-Talk?
Theology Republicans Blog:  A blog for the Religious and Political Right…or just a bunch of Wednesday-night church goers keeping in touch?
Economics Faith Democrats:  Um, I’m not sure who or what this would be exactly, but it sounded good.
Social Media Energy Daily:  This is the publication you get when People Magazine merges with Shape…sponsored and sustained by Redbull, so it’s delivered every morning to your doorstep.
Sports History Friends:  Kinda like Super Friends, but more educational and inspiring.
Family Photography Culture:  That’s that vastly popular club that won’t quit posting photo after photo after photo of their children doing the same damn thing in every single shot…just on different days, weeks, even years. *sigh*  Always followed, of course, by some gushy caption…I think they have a course or periodic seminar on how to most annoy those not part of this club.

I dunno what makes me see this shit.  Boredom?  Misfiring brain cylinder?  Lack of Sleep?

Whatever…I just thought it was interesting.

© 2008 D. Kessler